Our Team

Everyone at Alpha Spine Center is dedicated to providing you with gentle, proven care. Meet the team below, then come meet us in person.


Dedicated To Your Care.

Dr Bryan Salminen

Doctor / CEO

Aimee Salminen


Dr Drew Salminen

Doctor / Associate

Dr Zach Chickachop

Doctor / Associate

Trent Garrett

Team Leader

Christie Urbina

Patient Care Supervior

Stephanie Bendiak

Care Assistant

Briana Dummer

Care Assistant

Want To Join Our Team?

We are a dedicated group working together to provide excellent care to great patients. Our care restores people to do the things that they love and helps them live a well-balanced life. Our office is a friendly and fast-paced work environment that offers our patients professional treatment in a homey atmosphere. 

Being a team member means that you have a heart to serve people, that you work well with others, that you are quick with computers, and that you can shift between multiple tasks. We are professionals, and we are family too. Contact us today to join our team and bring hope to many people who have lost it.