Maternity Care

Our NUCCA care can help your body adapt to the many challenges it will face over a pregnancy and help you avoid a difficult or traumatic birth.


NUCCA Care Can Help Expecting Mothers Adapt.

Pregnancy and birth can have far-reaching effects on moms and babies. Hormonal changes can lead to a variety of new issues for expecting moms. One hormone, relaxin, softens your ligaments and can lead to unstable joints. When paired with the growing shift in your center of gravity, it can cause a newfound clumsiness and newfound aches and pains. We call this “sloppy joint syndrome.” 

We can help your body adapt to the many challenges it will face over a pregnancy. We will check you regularly for misalignments of your spine and adjust those misalignments when necessary so that your body and your nervous system stay in balance, at a time when your body is working hard to balance itself for two.

Pregnant woman with ultrasound

We Help You Avoid A Difficult Or Traumatic Birth.

We also give care to help you avoid a difficult or traumatic birth. A difficult or traumatic birth can have far-reaching effects on the physical health of both mother and child. Often, difficulties like dystocia, breech, and facial and brow presentations can be avoided with proper maintenance care. 

At Alpha Spine Center, rather than attempting to forcefully “turn” or “twist” a baby into alignment, we use gentle specialized low-force adjusting techniques that allow the pelvis to have more room to accommodate the infant’s growing body. 

Keep in mind when deciding whether to have a voluntary C-section that this method of birthing can be especially distressing to the brain stem and nervous system of a newborn. Know your rights as a patient and discuss all of your options with your OB/GYN before proceeding. Getting a second opinion from a midwife or different doctor is a great idea if your OB/GYN is not willing to look at other options, such as water birthing, or isn’t educating you on the pros and cons of various birthing procedures.

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