5 Steps to Health

There are five main steps to optimal health: suffering, stabilizing, retraining, healing, and health. We will help you through these steps.


Your Checkpoints. Our Patient Process.


You are suffering, so you know something is wrong and seek out help. Yet most times, pain is the last thing to occur in the disease process. Take heart disease, for example, or dental decay. These diseases take months or even years to develop until you feel pain. So it is important to seek help right away, especially when you feel pain.


We identify, correct, and stabilize imbalances that can cause your pain. Once we identify and correct any imbalance, holding the correction is key, so that your body can begin to heal. Stability starts at different times for different people. We will give you some things to do and some things not to do, so that you can reach stability sooner.


We retrain your muscles, ligaments, and nerves around a balanced spine. Once your body stabilizes, we will evaluate your body’s healing and see if you are ready for some rehabilitation exercises and stretches. These exercises and stretches will retrain your muscles, ligaments, and nerves to work in the new well-balanced spine position.


We monitor your spine and make sure that your body is healing well. Time is key here. Healing takes time. Muscles take four to six weeks to heal, ligaments take six to eight weeks to heal, and nerves take three to four months to heal. We will monitor your spine throughout the process and make sure that your body heals the way it should.


We help you remain in balance and live at peak health for you. Peak health is different for everyone and depends on how long your misalignment has been around and how much degeneration has occurred. We will give you a realistic view of the peak you can achieve. Regular checkups will help you maintain that peak and live a well-balanced life.


Here For You.

Let’s work together to see what a difference a well-balanced life can make! Make an appointment with us today, and we will see how we can help you reduce pain, increase life, and bring balance back.