These are some of the noninvasive tools and technology that Dr. Salminen and the team at Alpha Spine Center use to provide gentle, proven care.


Measure Your Injury And Pain.​

Digital X-Rays of
Your Spine

Our digital x-rays capture crystal clear images of your spine, so that we can measure exactly what, if any, corrections need to be made.

Thermography for Your Nerves

Thermography noninvasively detects stagnating capillary blood flow by your spine and lets us see if you have nerve-related problems.

sEMG for Your Muscles

Static surface electromyography (sEMG) quantifies abnormal electrophysiological activity and lets us see if you have muscle injury.

DynaROM™ System

Our DynaROM™ measures muscle activity and range of motion, proving the presence or absence of injury for the courts with visual evidence and data.

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