Alysia M.

For the past three years, I have had noticeable symptoms of thoracic outlet syndrome—intense pain on my right side across shoulders, down into my arm with numbness in my ring and small fingers. While driving I had to turn my whole body to look for traffic versus just my head. I tried occupational therapy, consulted an orthopedic surgeon and went to one hour of physical therapy twice a week for 6 months. The physical therapy relieved the pain and increased some motion, but not completely.

My results, after being treated by Dr. Salminen, were immediate relief and the follow-up checkups help keep me at my optimum level.

Now, my range of motion in my neck is normal and the extreme muscle pain and stiffness on my right side is greatly diminished. I can drive, do routine household & daily life activities and unexpectedly, I am sleeping better.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Salminen and NUCCA care, particularly for those who have been frustrated by other treatments or other chiropractic techniques. My background is hospital/clinic administration and I was skeptical, but he has made a believer of me.