Anita P.

When I came to see Dr. Salminen, my upper and lower back muscles were so tight that I couldn’t lay flat on the floor—my shoulders were beginning to hunch over. I was also having much pain in my left shoulder. I had suffered from this condition for 20 years and it was progressively getting more painful. I didn’t consider seeing a doctor for it because I didn’t think they could help.

After being under NUCCA care, I am much for flexible in my shoulders and back, and I can stand up straighter. I now have more of a spring in my step! Unexpectedly, I am more relaxed. I have this sense of well-being…as I get older, I have more hope that my body is not going to deteriorate.

I really like the NUCCA approach—the gentleness of the technique and the x-rays to diagnose and correct the problem. Dr. Salminen is very caring and listened to my concerns. The Alpha Spine Center staff are very friendly, helpful and concerned.

Balanced since January 2004