1st Report of Findings After Xrays are taken and Analyzed


  • To help the New Patient understand their problem.
  • To set the expectations for the Test Adjustment.
  • If the New Patient qualifies for care, the Test Adjustment confirms that the procedure will work for them.

This is where you talk to the patient about their underlying root cause of their problem. ​



  • Same as 1st Report, but sets expectations for Insurance Care vs. Health Care.
  • Review Ligament Damage and Muscle Tears.

Help the patient understand. This is where you talk about the underlying root cause of their problem. THE ATLAS SUBLUXATION COMPLEX. Talk about the degeneration level they are at. Talk about what will happen if they don’t take care of the problem all in 5-10 minutes.

​Then tell them that you are going to do a TEST ADJUSTMENT to see if this treatment will work for them.