Insurance – Medpay, PIL, Major Med, Medicare

insurance is a business decision

Insurance is like racing NASCAR; Every little tweak, detail, clear communication and move counts. Every Doctor has all the same parts to work with, the difference between enjoying practice versus hating practice can be how you set your vehicle up. That is why some teams win and most of the other teams lose.

The Insurance Balance

  1. How much money does it take to DO insurance. Number of Employees for Insurance Fielding questions from patients over insurance How much will you have to communicate with the insurance companies.
  2. How much money does it BRING IN? Are you collecting upfront Or are you waiting for your money Today’s Dollar is worth more than the Dollars collected later?
  3. ASC is a happy medium. Balance of serving the customer and getting paid for what you do.
  4. Insurance Triangle Relationship There is a triangular relationship between the Patient, Doctor’s Office, and Insurance Company. However, with the ASC system, it keeps the proper balance. The Patient pays the premiums to the insurance company, therefore they have a relationship with them. The patient pays you, therefore they have a relationship with you. Your headaches are gone from dealing with the insurance company directly.
  5. Your goal should be to submit insurance better than anyone in your geographic area. Gateway EDI is a resource endorsed by Alpha Spine Center Consulting to do the job. Gateway EDI is an Electronic Processing Clearing House which increases the likelihood of submitting clean claims.
  6. We want a HIGH-QUALITY patient, this is achieved through the ASC system.

Friday Payments and First Data and Entering into Chirotouch
This video explains how to do Friday Payments and enter payments into a patient’s ledger in Chirotouch.

Insurance Processing in Chirotouch with GatewayEDI
This video shows how to submit and run insurance.